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D. V. Ivanets, A. M. Safiulina, E. M. Kudryavtsev, V. E. Baulin

Comparison of extraction ability of 18-term crown-ethers in relation to cesium


In present work comparative investigation of extraction ability of some commercial available 18-term crown-ethers in relation to Cs-cation was carried out. In the series of 18-terms crown-ethers ditretbutyldibenzo 18-crown-6 has nearly the same extraction ability as its well known analogue ditretbutyldicyclohexano-18-crown-6, at that ditretbutyldibenzo 18-crown-6 synthesis is more simple.
Key words: crown-ethers, extraction ability of crown-ethers, extraction of cesium.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2012, Vol. 53, No. 4, P. 269

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