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K. M. Marakulina, R. V. Kramor, Yu. K. Lukanina, M. V. Kozlov, L. N. Shishkina.

Use of the UV- and IR-spectroscopy for investigation of complexation between molecules of sphingomyelin and phenolic antioxidants


The method of isomolar series was adapted for investigation of phenomenon and stoichiometry of complexation of sphingomyelin with phenolic antioxidants (isobornyl phenols with different structure and ionol). The sphingomyelin is shown to react with phenolic antioxidants at the different molar ratio, which depends on the structure of the phenols. Analysis of changes in the IR-spectra of mixtures with respect to the spectra of individual components revealed that the hydroxyl group of phenolic antioxidants, hydroxyl, ester amide linkage and choline groups of sphingomyelin are involved in the formation of complex.
Key words: complexation, method of isomolar series, sphingomyelin, isobornylphenols, ionol.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2012, Vol. 53, No. 4, P. 261

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