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K. N. Otkidach, N. V. Shvedene, P. A. Tarakanov, L. G. Tomilova, I. V. Pletnev

Cobalt (II) porphyrazine as an active component of iodide-selective electrodes


Cobalt (II) porphyrazine is synthesized and investigated as an active electrode component of polyvinyl chloride plasticized membrane ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) as well as solid-state ISEs for iodide. The introduction of an ionic additive, ionic liquid1,3-dihexadecylimidazolium chloride, significantly improves electrochemical characteristics of the membranes ISE: the slope of the electrode function reaches −(571) mV/dec, cmin = 8.310-6 M. Solid-state screen printed electrodes which surface has been modified by 1:4 mixture of cobalt (II) porphyrazine and ionic liquid1,3-dihexadecylimidazolium chloride demonstrate satisfactory electrochemical characteristics: the slope of the electrode function is −(564) mV/dec and cmin = 2.510-5 M. A good selectivity towards iodide over a number of anions was observed. It was found that the effect of lipophilic interfering ions is significantly lower for solid state ISEs than for plasticized membrane electrodes.
Key words: cobalt (II) porphyrazine, ion-selective electrodes, iodide, ionic liquid, solid-state electrodes.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2016, Vol. 57, No. 4, P. 284

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