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M. A. Rubtsov, A. A. Maslakova, D. M. Potashnikova, V. P. Veiko, M. S. Syrkina

Tetrameric RGD induces clustering of integrin αvβ3on the melanoma cell surface and decrease of cell viability


The recombinant hybrid protein SR15 composed of streptavidin fused with RGD-bearing peptide was obtained. Itís selective binding to human melanoma cells (MeWo) was demonstrated. Composition of the RGD-binding integrins on the surface of MeWo cells was identified. It was established that the recombinant protein SR15 binds to integrin αvβ3 on the surface of human melanoma cells. It was also shown that such binding induces clustering of αvβ3 receptors on the surface of MeWo cells with following internalization of the recombinant protein and results in twofold decrease in cell viability.
Key words: RGD, streptavidin, human melanoma, MeWo, integrin, αvβ3, receptor clustering.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2016, Vol. 57, No. 4, P. 235

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