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U. G. Magomedbekov, Kh. M. Gasanova, U. G. Gasangadzhieva, N. Kh. Magomedbekov

Formation of dissipative structures at homogeneous oxidation of biosubstrata: evaluation of dynamic characteristics and parameterization of time rows


On an example of liquid-phase oxidation of cysteine the possibility of formation of dissipative structures in the system of biosubstrate-oxigenated complexes of iron (II) is shown. The results of evaluation of dynamic characteristics of investigated processes (type of dynamics, dimensions of phase space and attractor, indicators of Lyapunov and the entropy of Kolmogorov-Sinai) are displayed. The results of parameterization of the received time rows based on approaches of flicker-noise spectroscopy are presented.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2011, Vol. 52, No. 6, P. 443

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