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A. A. Filippova, T. M. Szhenova, N. V. Golovina, N. Yu. Garnova, D. O. Bokov

Standardization of geranium essential oil


The rich chemical composition of essential oils makes it possible to use them in various industries. Especially it can be used in pharmacy, as pharmaceutical substances of plant origin as part of prophylactic / therapeutic products, as well as finished medicines. We have standardized the geranium essential oil (EO) according to the methods and quality indicators given in the General Pharmacopoeia Monograph (GPM) "Essential Oils" of the State Pharmacopoeia (State Pharmacopoeia) of the XIV edition. Specific (representative) components of geranium EM (geraniol, citronellol, neral, geranial) were identified, and a geraniol characteristic component was quantified by gas chromatography (GC) with flame ionization detector (PID). The results of geranium EO standardization can be used in the development of a new pharmacopeia monograph (PM) "Essential oil of geranium. Pelargonii graveolensis oleum aethereum" and the interstate standard GOST ISO "Chromatographic profile of Bourbon geranium essential oil".
Key words: essential oil, Pelargonium graveolens, geraniol, gas chromatography, flame ionization detector, state pharmacopoeia.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2020, Vol. 61, No. 3, P. 249

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