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N. Yu. Saushkin, J. V. Samsonova, A. P. Osipov, S. E. Kondakov, E. S. Lysova, I. A. Elizarova, K. S. Khaertynov, E. A. Shuralev

Strip-dried biofluids for the detection of specific antibodies in infected small ruminants


Comparative determination of specific antibodies in goats for viral arthritis-encephalitis and toxoplasmosis by ELISA and latex agglutination reaction using strip-dried serum and whole blood samples obtained on a porous membrane carrier was performed. It was shown that the use of strip-dried samples allows qualitative and quantitative determination of specific antibodies at a level completely concurred with that of liquid samples (serum). This method of sample preparation and analysis can be used for safe blood samples shipment and following serological studies for epizootic monitoring.
Key words: caprine arthritis encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, ELISA, latex agglutination test, strip-dried biofluids, dbs (dry blood spots).
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2018, Vol. 59, No. 3, P. 235

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