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A. S. Solomatin, R. Y. Yakovlev, N. B. Leonidov, G. A. Badun, M. G. Chernysheva, I. I. Kulakova, A. N. Stavrianidi, O. A. Shlyakhtin,  G. V. Lisichkin

Tritium labelling amikacin and its sorption immobilization on the functionalized nanodiamonds


Tritium labeling Amikacin was used to study its adsorption on detonation nanodiamonds. It was observed that adsorption capacity of carboxylated nanodiamond was two times higher than adsorption capacity of nanodiamond with hydrogenated surface. In plateau region the adsorption values were equal to 48 and 22 mg/g for carboxylated (Sspecif = 2835 m2/g) and hydrogenated (Sspecif = 2895 m2/g) nanodiamonds respectively. The storage of Amikacin-immobilized nanodiamonds in aqueous suspension within one month results 9,6 and 6,4 mg/g drug release respectively. The results of this study represent one of many components of the rational design of nanodiamond-enabled Amikacin delivery platforms.
Key words: nanodiamond, amikacin, tritium-labeled compounds, adsorption, drug delivery system.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2018, Vol. 59, No. 3, P. 179

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