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M. A. Orlova, T. P. Trofimova, S. V. Nikulin, A. P. Orlov

The relationship between NO-synthase inhibitory activity of N-, S- containing heterocycles with their radioprotective and antileukemic properties


The impact of NO-synthase (NOS) inhibitors, and activator for leukemic cell line HL-60, K-562, MOLT-4 andbone marrow cells of untreated patients diagnosed with acute B-lymphoblastic leukemia, compared with lymphocytes from healthy donors was examined. The data about the relationship of radioprotective, NOS-inhibitory and cytotoxic properties of a number of derivatives of thiazine, thiazoline and thiourea testify about the possibility of their potential useas agents for complex radio- and chemotherapy.
Key words: acute leukemia; derivatives of thiazoline, thiazine and thiourea; NO-synthase inhibitors, radioprotectors.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2016, Vol. 57, No. 4, P. 270

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