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N. Yu. Saushkin, J. V. Samsonova, A. P. Osipov, C. E. Kondakov, M. A. Efimova, A. N. Chernov

A new sampling format for bovine infectious diseases ELISA diagnostic in dried blood spots


Bovine infectious diseases antibody detection (enzootic bovine leucosis, viral diarrhea, infectious rhinotracheitis) by ELISA in dried blood samples obtained with a new sampling format on porous membranes was carried out. Several commercial test systems were used for infection diagnostic. The obtained data were compared with the results of the analysis of liquid blood serum. ELISA results of dried and liquid samples were in full concordance. A new sampling format can simplify the storage and transportation of samples from farms to diagnostic laboratories.
Key words: cattle, enzootic bovine leucosis, viral diarrhea, infectious rhinotracheitis, ELISA, porous membranes, dried blood spots.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2016, Vol. 57, No. 4, P. 264

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