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P. P. Boldyrev, A. V. Kurochkin, R. F. Nurtdinov, M. A. Proshin, D. Y. Chuvilin, Y. A. Yashin

Electrochemical method for producing radionuclide Lu-177 with high specific activity


The modified method of the isolation of radionuclide 177Lu obtained from irradiated by thermal neutrons Yb-176 target is proposed. The method consists of the combination of two electrochemical processes cementation of ytterbium acetate-chloride solution to the sodium amalgam and subsequent electrolysis of ytterbium solution in separate electrolytic cell without adjusting the solution. The electrochemical set-up consisting of 2 cells gave the purification factor of 177Lu from ytterbium at level of 105106, which allows using 177Lu of such quality for labeling bioorganic molecules.
Key words: NCA 177-lutetium, ytterbium-169, cementation, electrolysis with mercury cathode, the electrochemical cleaning method, separation of radionuclides.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2016, Vol. 57, No. 3, P. 184

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