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E. V. Semina, K. A. Rubina, V. Yu. Sysoeva, V. V. Stepanova, V. A. Tkachuk

3D-model of biomatrix as a method of studying blood vessels and nerves growth in tissue engineering structures


The method involves isolating and culturing ex vivo cultures of mouse dorsal root ganglia and abdominal aorta in 3-dimensional gel (Matrigel). Unlike other explant cultures, this technique allows us to study the physiological and biochemical processes in the tissue explants of dorsal root ganglia and abdominal aorta in three-dimensional space but not in a two-dimensional adhesive culture. Introduction to the Matrigel testing substances allows analyzing their effects on the dynamics of the explants for 21 days. The developed method can be applied in modern cardiology and neurobiological research and explores how new therapeutic agents can accelerate the regeneration of blood vessels and nerves.
Key words: 3-dimensional explant culture, dorsal root ganglia, abdominal aorta, regenerative medicine.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2016, Vol. 57, No. 3, P. 160

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