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I. I. Nikolskaya, O. V. Beznos, V. A. Galitskiy, , N. B. Chesnokova, O. A. Kost

Calcium phosphate particles containing superoxide dismutase perspective agent for the treatment of eye diseases accompanied by oxidative stress


Method for the preparation of calcium phosphate particles was optimized. The particles with entrapped superoxide dismutase were obtained. The size, surface charge, and stability of calcium phosphate particles under different conditions were determined. The kinetics of the enzyme release from the particles and the influence of the drug release on the size and surface charge of the particles were investigated. On the rabbit model of immunogenic uveitis (the model of inflammatory process in the eye accompanied by oxidative stress), it was shown that superoxide dismutase enclosed in calcium phosphate particles possessed higher anti-inflammatory effect than that of superoxide dismutase in water solution.
Key words: ophthalmology, calcium phosphate particles, superoxide dismutase, oxidative stress, uveitis.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2016, Vol. 57, No. 3, P. 138

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