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A. V. Alexeev, E. V. Proskurnina, Yu. A. Vladimirov

Determinationof antioxidantsbysensitizedchemiluminescence using 2,2¢-azo-bis(2-amidinopropane)


For the determination of antioxidants, an analytical procedure was proposed based on chemiluminescence. The analytical system consists of a free-radicals generator 2,2¢-azo-bis(2-amidinopropane) and luminol as a chemiluminescence sensitizer in phosphate buffer solution (pH 7,4). The analytical conditions were optimized. The analytical procedure provides detection limits as low as (μM) for: trolox 0,05; ascorbic acid 0,20; quercetin 0,03; dihydroquercetin 0,03. The procedure was used for determination of antioxidants in food.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2012, Vol. 53, No. 3, P. 187

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