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T. D. Khokhlova, E. V. Vlasenko, N. A. Zubareva, Van Nguyen, S. N. Lanin

Adsorption of hydrocarbons from solutions and gas phase on silica and alumina, modified with silver and gold ions


Immobilization of cations Ag+ on the silica, alumina and anions AuCl4- on aminosilica and alumina is carried out. By a method of inverse gas chromatography it is shown the selectivity of Ag(I)-silica in separation of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes and aromatics. Dependence of the Ag(I) and Au(III)-composites capacity on phenylacetylene (PHA) by the carrier nature, the specific surface area and the method of immobilization of the metal ions is considered. The adsorption isotherms of PHA in octane solutions are measured. It is found that PHA capacity of the composites prepared by immobilization of ammoniate of silver nitrate on silica in several times more than on alumina with the same silver content and than the composites prepared by immobilization of silver nitrate on silica. The Au(III)-alumina capacity on PHA was significantly higher than the Au(III)-aminosilica. The greatest capacity on PHA respectively 0.83 and 0.88 molecule on metal ion is observed for the Ag(I)-silica and Au(III)-alumina. In spectra of diffuse reflectance in visible region of the Au(III)-aminosilicas there is a significant shift of the absorption band maximum at reduction of the content of immobilized anions AuCl4-. That indicates formation of coordinate bonds between the free aminopropyl groups of the aminosilica carrier and the atom of gold. Formation of such bonds is hindered the adsorption of the PHA on Au(III)- aminosilica with low content of gold.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2012, Vol. 53, No. 3, P. 157

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