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T. A. Shestimerova, A. S. Mitiaev, D. I. Davliatshin, A. V. Shevelkov

Crystal structure of a-Ag8S3SO4


Crystal structure of a-Ag8S3SO4 have been determined from the X-ray powder diffraction data. The compound crystallizes in the tetragonal space group P-4 with the unit cell parameters a = 7.2032(4) Å, c= 5.1043(5) Å, Z = 1, Rf = 5.55 %, c2 = 3.45. The layers consisting of trigonal prisms Ag6S connected by vertex are combined into three-dimensional framework by additional sulphur atoms. Distorted tetrahedral anions SO42 are placed in framework cavities. SO42 anion symmetry (D2d) is confirmed by IR spectroscopy data.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2012, Vol. 53, No. 1, P. 18

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