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L. Yu. Filatova, Ye. S. Oxenoyt, K. S. Yakovleva, N. I. Ivanova, N. L. Klyachko

Investigation of Activity and Stability of Papain in Different Micellar Systems


Research of hydrolysis of substrate PyrPheAlaPNa by papain in reverse micelles of Aerosol OT in octane was made. Optimal conditions of the enzyme functioning in this system were found. It was established, that in reverse micelles of AOT in octane dependence of activity of papain on hydration number had two optimums, which corresponded to activity of monomolecular and oligomeric papain. As found, addition of nonionic surfactants to Aerosol OT in octane led to change of catalytic properties of the enzyme. As applied aspect of work microemulsions consisting of nontoxic.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2010, Vol. 51, No. 2, P. 102

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