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K. B. Yemel’yanov, A. Ye. Bychkov, V. L. Zelenko, L. I. Heifets

Mathematical Simulation of Anodic Intercalation of Graphite in Dilute Nitric Acid


A mathematical model of current density distribution in a porous graphite electrode (pressed graphite suspension) during anodic intercalation of the graphite was suggested. The anodic polarization is due to concentration nonequilibrium reflecting the features of the process proceeding in a dilute nitric acid. Computational solution of the boundary value problem showed that even at a small suspension layer height (2 cm) a significant non-uniformity of spatial current density distribution takes place, that conforms with the data provided in the literature. A method of reducing non-uniformity of intercalation current density by using multistep process and a method of non-uniformity estimation in this case were suggested. Results of the computation can be used for estimation of technical characteristics of the final product.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2010, Vol. 51, No. 2, P. 96

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