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G. V. Pankina, P. A. Chernavskii, Ye. S. Lokteva, V. V. Lunin

Optimization of Acidic Treatment of Bentonitic Clays from the National Layers


The investigations in the field of the development of not expensive catalysts for the production of environmentally safe fuels basing on synthesis-gas from biomass have been performed. It was investigated the influence of acidic (sulphuric and phosphorus acids) treatment on the specific surface Russian (Voronesch and Khrasnodar bearthplaces) bentonitic clays. For determination of the optimal conditions of acidic treatment the method of extremal experiment planning has been applied. The full factor experiment was chosen as the plan; in such experiment all factors combination are realized on all levels used for investigations. The variable parameters were: concentration of acid, temperature and time of acid treatment. The average pores diameter and specific surface of clays were chosen as the response functions. The response surface appearance is very complex.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2010, Vol. 51, No. 2, P. 75

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