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A. A. Zhirkov, S. N. Bendrysheva, M. A. Proskurnin, N. Yu. Ragozina, B. K. Zuev

The effect of electrolytes on the sensitivity of thermal-lens determination in aqueous solutions


Effect of several common surfactants (SDS, Triton X-100, Brij-35, and Tween 80) as modifiers of thermooptical properties of aqueous solutions on parameters of thermal-lens analytical determination of several model systems are studied. Selection criteria for the compositions of modified aqueous media for thermal lens analytical trace determination are discussed. The increase in the metrological parameters of thermal-lens measurements in nonionic-surfactant solutions is comparable with that for organo-aqueous mixtures. A twofold decrease in the limits of detection compared to aqueous solutions observed in 2.5% m/m surfactant solutions is achieved.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2009, Vol. 50, No. 2, P. 109

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