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E. P. Nesterenko, V. I. Skornyakov, P. N. Nesterenko, A. V. Ivanov

The application of the linear solvent energy relationships method to the characterisation of hyper cross-linked polystyrene stationary phases


The possibility of using the Linear Solvent Energy Relationships theory for the characterisation of hyper cross-linked polystyrene HPLC stationary phases was investigated. Studying the LSER coefficients it was shown that the major contribution into the retention of analytes on the HCLP is given by hydrophobic and electrostatic interactions. It was shown that modification of the stationary phase with fluorine increases both hydrophobic and electrostatic interactions in the retention mechanism. The possibility of using fluorinated hyper cross-linked polystyrene for the separation of alkylbenzenes and di-alkylphthalates mixtures was shown.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2008, Vol. 49, No. 1, P. 28

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