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Ye. A. Osipova, D. S. Shishmarev, N. K. Zaitsev

Comparative Charactrization of Two Techniques of Selenium(IV) Accumulation at the Mercury Film Electrode Using an Automated Medium Exchange System without the Circuit Disconnection


Two procedures of selenium(IV) accumulation and determination at the mercury film electrode (MFE) by cathodic stripping voltammetry have been compared – in the presence of copper and at the MFE with preliminary accumulated copper. It has been established that the calibrating curves are the same for both techniques and demonstrate linear behavior in the ranges from 2.5 till 20 and from 50 till 250 ėg/l of selenium concentration under optimal conditions (0.1 M HCl, accumulation potential (–350)…(–400) mV, electrolysis time 180…300 s). In both cases selenium peak heights are quite well reproduced (Sr. is 0.02…0.05 in the investigated concentration interval). The technique with successive accumulations of copper and selenium is more convenient from the practical point of view as in this case there is no need to add copper to each analyzed solution, and it enables to optimize the conditions of selenium accumulation (composition of the solution, electrolysis potential and time).
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2007, Vol. 48, No. 6, P. 401

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