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G. B. Golubitskii, V. M. Ivanov

Quantitative analyse of tablets and syrup “Codelac bronkho” by high pressure liquid chromatography methods


A procedure was proposed for the quantitative analysis of the new original tablets and syrup “Codelac bronkho”. The components of the pills were separated in 6 minutes with effective peak resolution. The procedure was used for the analysis of a preproduction samples of the tablets. The results correspond to the normative documentation merits and the technological loadings. Model solutions containing all the active principles and additives of the drugs were analyzed, and the performance characteristics of both procedures were calculated. Two versions of analysis in isocratic and gradient modes were proposed for the syrup. Both procedures afford reliable analytical results; however, the isocratic version is technically simpler and more preferable for product control in commercial production.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2007, Vol. 48, No. 6, P. 395

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