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V. L. Zelenko and L. I. Heiftes

Estimation of Potential Contribution of the Bed Structure Regularization into the Adsorber Downsizing in the Processes of Adsorptive Gas Fractionation


Five similarity criteria of the adsorber have been formulated: 1) ratio of the adsorber length to thickness of the front, 2) the adsorber productivity, 3) the adsorbate relative molar density at the adsorber inlet, 4) ratio of the time of a grain saturation with the adsorbate to the grain residence time in the front zone, 5) Peclet number composed on the basis of the filtration rate, the specific size of the filtration area (grain radius or plate semi-gap) and molecular diffusion coefficient. These criteria values vary to a certain extent under modification of the nanopore mesh tortuosity. The result of a not complicated mathematical analysis has shown that the adsorber volume decreases in proportion to the decrease of the nanopore tortuosity in consequence of the adsorbent bed structure regularization. Thus, the pressure drop within the adsorber, and, hence, the power inputs remain unchanged.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2007, Vol. 48, No. 6, P. 382

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