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V. M. Ivanov, R. A. Polyanskov

Bismuthol I Immobilized on Silicagel as a Reagent for Sorption-Optical Determination of Bismuth (III)


By impregnation of bismuthol I on silochrom S-120 is received sorbent (sC-BisI) for concentration of bismuth in a static mode from 0.5 M on a sulfuric acid of solutions. The opportunity of application of PAR is investigated at pH 23 for amplification (strengthening) colouring sorbates at the expense of reaction of an ligands exchange. The basic opportunity sorbtionic-optical determination of 1365 mg wismuth in volume 15 ml is shown. The analysis of the tsvetometric (colourimetric) characteristics of sorbates has shown presence step of sorption wismuth(III) in researched system. Capacity of sorbent cC-BisI on bismuth(III) makes 270 mg on 1 g sorbent. From tsvetometric characteristics of complex sorbent the yellowness is maximal: molar coefficient of function on wismuth is equal 1,82×108 for concentration bismuth less then 26 mg in 15 ml of a solution.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2006, Vol. 47, No. 3, P. 187

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