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A. P. Smirnova, R. Yu. Shimko, M. A. Proskurnin

Investigation of processes in two-phase systems using thermal-lens spectrometry by the example of cobalt(III) tris-(2-nitroso-1-naphtholate)


The optimum parameters of a thermal-lens spectrometer preventing the blooming of convection in organic solvents and not affecting the instrumental sensitivity and reproducibility of thermal lensing in two-phase system are selected. The mass-transfer rate of cobalt(III) tris-(2-nitroso-1-naphtholate) in toluene as a function of the distance from the interface was measured, and an agreement of the experimental data with a Fick equation-based model is shown. The limit of detection of cobalt using thermal-lens spectrometry is 1.0´108 M, the linear calibration range is 2.0´1071.0´106 M.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2006, Vol. 47, No. 3, P. 168

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