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N. A. Sof'ina, M. K. Beklemishev, A. L. Kapanadze, I. F. Dolmanova

Sorption-catalytic method for the chromium determination


The possibility of determination of microgram amounts of chromium(III) and chromium(VI) as catalysts in the reactions o-dianisidine - hydrogen peroxide and o-dianisidine - peroxodisulphate on paper filters and silica by the sorption-catalytic method has been demonstrated. A green intermediate product of the indicator processes is stabilized on the sorbents which allowed authors to develop visual test procedures for detection and determination of chromium(III) and chromium(VI). The selectivity of the determination of chromium by the sorption-catalytic procedure on paper surface increased in comparison with the de termination of chromium in solutions.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2003, Vol. 44, No. 3, P. 189

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