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I. V. Barinov, K. P. Butin

The hydrolisis of coordinated propargyl cations [Cp2W2(CO)4(m-h2,h3-(HCºCCR1R2)]+


As shown by 121Sb Mössbauer measurements, oxidation of Sb(III) ions located on the surface of Cr2O3 produces an increase in the value of transferred hyperfine field H(121Sb) of about a factor of 2. The observed variation is consonant with that previously reported for 119Sn surface. The reactivity of carbocations [(m-h2,h3-HCºCCR1R2)Cp2W2(CO)4]+ with primary (R1=R2=H), secondary (R1=H,R2=Me) and tertiary (R1=R2=Me) coordinated propargyl cations in the reaction of hydrolisis is increased from primary to tertiary ones.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2002, Vol. 43, No. 3, P. 205

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