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M. I. Afanasov, M. V. Korolenko, M. A. Kolotyrkina, P. B. Fabritchnyi

Effect of valence state of antimony dopant ions on their spin polarization by chromium cations on the surface of Cr2O3 antiferromagnet


Effect of As shown by 121Sb Mössbauer measurements, oxidation of Sb(III) ions located on the surface of Cr2O3 produces an increase in the value of transferred hyperfine field H(121Sb) of about a factor of 2. The observed variation is consonant with that previously reported for 119Sn surface dopant ions. The increase in H to be related to removal of the lone-pair indicates that spin polarization of both Sb(V) and Sn(IV) ions within ferrodielectric matrix is governed by the same mechanism: 3d-electron density transfer from neighboring paramagnetic cations into 5s-orbitals of the diamagnetic ones.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2002, Vol. 43, No. 3, P. 202

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