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T. D. Khokhlova

Adsorption of cytochrome C on hydroxylated and thrimethylsililated silica gels


Adsorption of cytochrome C on series of hydroxylated and modified with thrimethylchlorosilane silica gels with pore diameter from 2,5 to 240 nm was compared. At pH 7 (in 2% isopropanole in water) the greatest adsorption (on 1 g of silica) on the hydroxylated and hydrophobic silicas with pore diameters 5 - 14 and 14 36 nm, respectively, was observed. Electrolyte (NaCl) introduction displaced the maximum of adsorption on the hydroxylated silicas to pore diameter 2,5 5 nm, but on the hydrophobic silicas that maximum was not displaced. Kinetic and pH-dependence of the adsorption were investigated too.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2002, Vol. 43, No. 3, P. 147

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