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A. M. Tolmachev, E. A. Pronina, M. V. Borodulina, E. N. Egorov, N. G. Kruchenkova

The method of characterized curves. apriori determination of adsorption equilibria for binary mixtures of substances on activated carbons and zeolites


The opportunity of specification apriori determination of corresponding equilibria for vapor mixtures and binary non-electrolyte solutions on microporous activated carbons and zeolites are investigated using method of characterized curves on the basis of analysis for numerous experimental adsorption data. Criteria of choosing necessary type of equations for description of relations between basic and calculated adsorption characterized curves is offered. All parameters of equations are calculated from individual adsorption data only.
Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin.
2002, Vol. 43, No. 3, P. 139

Copyright (C) Chemistry Dept., Moscow State University, 2002
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